Statins and What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You!

Statins and What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You!

You may already know about Q10 (coQ10) it’s a substance that is naturally occurring in the bloody. It’s been on the market available as a food supplement for about 15 years. But I have some new info for you today.

It really does have some marvellous effects on our bloody helping with things like, infertility, obesity, headaches, damaged skin, blood sugar imbalance, muscle waste, gum disease, breathing problems, abnormal cell growth, Brain cell deterioration, heart problems, and that’s just some of the benefits that natural CoQ10 can give us.

Over 1,000 research papers, 39 placebo-controlled studies, by more than 200 scientists and researchers from 18 countries around the world all agree on ONE thing . . . When your CoQ10 levels are depleted, you’re leaving yourself wide open to accelerated ageing, disease and deterioration.

So here’s The Problem. once you reach the age of about 45 companies are reproduced a fraction of CoQ10 that’s it did in our 20s. and the older we get the less our bodies produce. It’s almost like your body’s internal flame is slowly getting weaker and weaker.

CoQ10 Is really important for producing muscular energy served the deficiency in this new tunes will cause our hearts (which is the muscle of the all) to function irregularly, resulting in heart failure.

Yet there is another problem. People who take cholesterol lowering drugs called statins are affected even more because by blocking by blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver and therefore also decreasing the production of CoQ10, A Columbia University study found that CoQ10 levels were in fact reduce by half author just 30 days of statin use.

It’s a shame that so few doctors prescribe statins never tell the patients this!

Did you know, the one in every three people in the UK take statins. That’s an amazing 7 million people. and that that makes this worse is that those of us with normal cluster levels of been specialized take statins, but doctors as preventative medicine.

The problem with most brands of commercially available CoQ10 supplements is that they use a cheaper form of the enzyme – known as ubiquinone – which is extremely difficult for your body to absorb. that means that most of the CoQ10 enzyme is being flushed out of your body is waste and never actually gets to cells were does the most good.

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However, after 10 years of research Dr Tatsumasa Mae from Japan has solved this problem …Dr Tatsumasa Mae’s landmark breakthrough – which many are calling the most stunning advance in natural medicine for the last 33 years – means that there is now a new form of CoQ10 called UBIQUINOL.

UBIQUINOL is vastly superior to ordinary store-bought CoQ10 supplements, because with ubiquinol, your body absorbs up to 8 times more CoQ10.

Better absorption also means you can get more CoQ10 in your system while actually taking FEWER pills – and in the long run, that means spending a lot less money!

So my advice is to make sure that the CoQ10 that’s sitting in your medicine cabinet is ubiquinOL, rather than ubiquinoNE. Those two little letters make a huge difference. However, if your health is a little compromised – such as the elderly, those on restricted or poor diets, people taking statin drugs, or those suffering, or recovering, from a chronic illness – then the recommended dosage is 300 to 400mg per day.

Ubiquinol is completely safe with no toxicity in over 1,000 published trials, and is not contra-indicated with any pharmaceuticals. Read more here about whether it could help you