The Whey to Win as an Athlete

The Whey to Win as an Athlete

To support muscle growth and strength, it’s crucial that the athlete get enough protein. However, getting enough protein when working out can be a real problem; especially a hard-training athlete needs about a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass to keep up with the energy demands. If the athlete is “eating clean” (avoiding doughnuts, and other fat and carb intensive tasty treats), then diet boredom and the endless chicken breasts become a really serious issue.

However, whey protein isn’t just about getting in enough protein to make sure you’re retaining good muscle while getting rid of unneeded fat! Oh, no. There are actually many other health benefits to whey protein you ought to consider in your diet.

Whey protein helps your physical performance.

It’s a naturally complete protein, meaning your body absorbs it with the greatest of ease. After stressing muscles, you need to give them fuel to repair well. Whey protein, does this fast.

Whey protein helps you lose weight.

Because whey protein has little fat or carbohydrates, it doesn’t load you up on excess, but the benefit doesn’t stop there. Did you know whey protein in conjunction with a good strength training program can increase the rate at which you burn calories? Being rich in leucine, it helps to maintain active metabolic tissue (muscle) while losing passive metabolic tissue (otherwise known as fat).

Whey protein helps you maintain your heart health.

A healthy diet is crucial to a healthy heart. Whey protein is low in fat while a complete protein, making it an ideal choice for the heart-conscious. The complete protein makes it an easy way to support a well-planned nutritional strategy when on the go.

Whey protein helps patients with immune system issues.

We all know that if you train too hard, your immune system can be compromised, so it’s important for the athlete to make sure s/he gets enough lean protein. Because it is easily-digestible, whey protein is easy on the system, so it does not interfere with the promotion of a healthy system in a stressed athlete. Because it also has been shown to have some anti-microbial properties, whey protein also seems to discourage additional illness – a serious benefit to any time-crunched athlete who has no time for illness.

Whey protein has been shown to be a fantastic part of a healthy diet for anyone working out and in need of additional nutritional support.

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